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Increased Thefts From Vehicles and Business' During the Overnight Hours

The Middlebury Police Department would like to warn residents and business owners of a significant increase in thefts in our area over the last several weeks.
MPD has received numerous reports of unlocked vehicles throughout Middlebury being gone through and items stolen during the late-night/early-morning hours. The suspects seem to be looking primarily for cash and other small items of value, although in at least two incidents’ where owners had left the keys in the vehicle, the suspects have stolen the vehicles altogether. We urge residents to please remove all items of value and lock their car doors in hopes of dissuading any would be thieves.
MPD has also seen a noticeable increase in late-night/early-morning burglaries at closed area businesses. In each of these cases, the suspect forced entry into the building and stole any money found in tip jars or locked cash boxes. We suggest that businesses do their best to secure their buildings, remove any accessible cash, and look into adding additional cameras or security systems.
Our officers are working diligently to get to the bottom of these thefts and hold the perpetrators accountable. We ask that any citizens that see or hear anything related to any thefts please reach out to us by phone at 802-388-3191 or on our website tip line.
Thank you!