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The Patrol Unit is the backbone of the Police Department and is directly responsible for carrying out the mission of the department.  Patrol Officers are on duty 24 hours/day, 365 days/year and are responsible for conducting criminal investigations, enforcing motor vehicle laws and various town ordinances, responding to various emergency situations, investigating motor vehicle collisions, conducting community outreach efforts, and maintaining a safe and peaceful quality of life for the residents of Middlebury.   

All other units of the Police Department serve in a support role for the Patrol Unit, to maintain its operational readiness. 

Patrol officers receive substantial training, in addition to their basic training at the Vermont Police Academy, in topics such as de-escalation tactics, drug interdiction, tactical operations, advanced motor vehicle collision investigation, interview and interrogation techniques, computer forensics, crime scene investigation, 
community policing, etc.

In addition to their normal responsibilities, most Middlebury Patrol Officers also have additional duties assigned to them.  Patrol Officers serve in roles such as Community Outreach Officer, Firearms Instructor/Armorer, Non-Lethal Use of Force Instructor, Drug Recognition Expert, Field Training Officer, Death Investigator, Evidence Officer, Crime Scene Analyst and more.  Several Middlebury Police Officers also serve as instructors/training assistants at the VT Police Academy.

Officer Kevin Emilio
(Serving Since 1999)

Officer Darrin Hinterneder (Serving Since 2005)

Officer Jared Harrington (Serving Since 2017)

Officer Ethan Jones (Serving Since 2023)

Officer Nathaniel Hudson (Serving Since 2023)