School Resource Officer

The position of School Resource Officer (SRO) was created in 2003 and is staffed by an officer on special
assignment from the Patrol Unit.  The SRO serves the four public schools in town; Middlebury Union High
School, Middlebury Union Middle School, the Mary Hogan Elementary School and the Patricia Hannaford
Career Center.

The SRO's responsibilities include:  Acting as a liaison with the public school system; Intervening in acts of
violence, crime, truancy, substance abuse, and disorder in the school environment; Serving as a resource
for school officials and students; Coordinating prevention activities with the schools; Providing security
services for the schools.

Officer Chris Mason currently serves as the SRO.  He can be reached by telephone at his office at the
Middlebury Union High School, 802-382-1706, or by contacting MPD.  Officer Mason also has a presence on
Facebook, Twitter and he hosts his own TV show, "Middlebury Five-O".  Read on for more...

Middlebury Five-0 - In this television show, recorded and broadcast though Middlebury Community
Television, Officer Mason conducts half hour interviews with neighborhood characters. Guests have included
the Chief of Police, various teachers and students (including his third grade daughter), the public library
director, organizers and administrators of local non-profit organizations and events, such as Addison County
Teens and Womensafe, the director of the Vermont Parks Service, the State's Attorney, and numerous
representatives of local small businesses and churches. The conversations tend to be informal - broaching
topics from the nature of evil to high school romance (not that the two are necessarily unconnected). The
tone is warm and the interviews are typically peppered with a generous dose of humor.

The show is intended as an opportunity for local people to introduce themselves to the community, and
educate the public about themselves and the organizations they represent. The public is informed through
many of the shows about critical local services, but they also get to view a police officer having fun with
people, joking with teachers, probing into the Police Chief's prom experience, and getting veteran business
owners to relate tales of pool tables in bars being destroyed by crazed patrons with chainsaws.

The core goal of the show is to strengthen the social fabric by fulfilling the Middlebury Police Department's
commitment to community policing, establishing broad connections with people, raising awareness and
building trust.

Officer Mason's Facebook page - a rich source of information on School Resource news and events, while,
at the same time, providing a coveted glimpse into the eclectic life and mind of Officer Mason, with regular
postings of police humor, poetry and images from the archives.

Officer Mason on Twitter - if 'Liking' is just not enough, feel free to 'Follow' Officer Mason on Twitter, providing
up-to-the-minute news on School Resource related topics, and presenting quirky observations and insights
into the compelling and occasionally exotic world of the Middlebury School System.
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