The hiring process for the position of "Patrol Officer" is as follows:

1.  MPD written examination
2. Vermont Police Academy written/physical fitness exams (go to
www.vcjtc.state.vt.us) for more information)
3. Oral board interview
4. Drug testing                                                                                                        
5. Psychological testing
6. Comprehensive background investigation
7. Polygraph examination
8. Administrative interview

The hiring process for the position of "Dispatcher' is as follows:

1.  MPD written examination
2. Oral board interview
3. Comprehensive background investigation
4. Polygraph examination

Note:  Anyone seeking a position with the department must be physically fit, a non-user of tobacco products, with
a good moral and ethical background; able to exercise self-control in the most stressful of situations; be willing
and able to initiate and lead community response to problems; be comfortable in public speaking roles.  Our
officers must be able to deal effectively with people of many different ethnic, cultural and socioeconomic
backgrounds.  We expect our police officers to be capable of handling the myriad of situations they may be
confronted with, from violent encounters to the most mundane activity.  We expect our officers to project a
professional image and be positive role models and leaders in the community.  If your image of policing is that of
car chases, gun play, "getting" the bad guys, wearing mirrored sunglasses and leather beat jackets, than you
need not apply.

All full-time police officer appointees must successfully complete a 16 week residential basic training program
conducted by the Vermont Police Academy, located in Pttsford, Vermont.  This training is conducted in a
paramilitary fashion and will be followed by a two week post-basic training program at the police academy.  Upon
graduation from the police academy, the new officer will begin a 12 week field training program, during which
he/she will be under the continuous supervision of a field training officer.  Upon successful completion of the field
training program, the new officer will be placed on the regular duty roster.

For more information on the basic training program at the Vermont Police Academy, go to

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Download an application for "Dispatcher"     For job description, click here

Download an application for "Parking Enforcement Monitor"   To see job description, click here
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