Mission Statement

As an active partner with our community, we are committed to improving our quality of
life through activities that reduce crime and disorder, improve the safety on our
highways, and assist those in need.

Community Policing

The policing philosophy in Middlebury is that of Community Oriented/Problem Solving
Policing.  While officers have the traditional responsibilities of responding to emergency
calls, crimes in progress and calls for service, they each have a community policing
zone they are responsible for.  This requires each officer to demonstrate a commitment
to the town and their area, to provide leadership in their areas to encourage resident
involvement in their own safety and prevention of crime, to demonstrate innovation and
initiative in resolving problems that impact community order and safety.  This philosophy
has allowed officers to develop and implement policing strategies which have a positive
effect in their areas, allowing them to make a difference.  The patrol officers have much
more authority in this regard than their counterparts in more traditional-oriented policing
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